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Welcome! If you ended up on this page, you are one of the (lucky and) rare visitors. Unfortunately, as you may be aware of, no genius is going to greet you with 3 wishes and you won't find life-changing formulas in there (or maybe you will, except it won't be intentional from me)... Sorry. This website isn't really a single website with a precise theme, but well, it hosts some projects which I am too shy to show right now as they are in "early stages".

Dark Material Studios

"Dark Material Studios" is (more accurately, has kind of been and will be) making games. Our first is Metroid Prime: Némésis, a fangame.


Comics for self-entertainement only, because they are not worthy of anything else! Right now, they are sealed with a password to protect the world from them...


I prefer not to talk about that, and actually I just need a few sentences to balance this category with the others.